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Stansbury Park Swimming Pool

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General Information

The pool season opens Memorial Day weekend and closes on Labor Day. The pool ranges in depth from 3 feet to 9 feet. A toddler wading pool has a depth of 1 foot. Changing rooms are available in the fenced pool area. A shower station is located just outside the pool entrance by the restrooms. Lifeguards are on duty. Swimming Lessons are offered. No outside food allowed. Snacks available for purchase. Chairs and loungers are available on a first come basis. The Pool Manager is Donna Orlob. Pool phone number: 882-2426 during season only. Questions about the pool outside of pool season can be directed to Office Manager Miriam Alsup at 882-6188.


Public Pool Hours:
Monday - Friday. 12 Noon to 7:30 pm. Saturday, Sunday, Holidays. 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm.
Adult Smimming Hours:
Monday, Thursday, Friday. 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


Daily Pass:
Resident - $2:50. Non-Resident - $3:25.
Children 3 and under are free with supervision of parent or adult guardian. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a responsible person age 16 or older.

20-Visit Punch Card:
Resident - $45.00. Non-Resident - $50.00.

Punch cards are the responsibility of the purchaser. No re-issues for lost or stolen cards. Punch cards may be kept at the pool upon request.

1-20 people (within gate) - $30.00 per hour.
Each additional person - $1.50 per hour.
20 or more during public pool hours - $2.25 per person.
Groups/Parties after public pool hours see below.

Season Pass:
Pre-season discount prices available if postmarked no later than May 28, 2015 or purchased at the pool Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30, 2016. Season passes may not be amended after initial purchase without pool manager approval. A Season Pass number will be assigned the first time you use the pool.

Forms must be postmarked by May 28, 2016.
Type of pass:   Amount Enclosed:    
Family Name:   Address:      
Adult Name:   Child Name/Age:      
Adult Name:   Child Name/Age:      
Adult Name:   Child Name/Age:      
Child Name/Age:   Child Name/Age:      
Child Name/Age:   Child Name/Age:      
Child Name/Age:   Child Name/Age:      
Child Name/Age:   Child Name/Age:      
Fill out form completely.  You must list the names and ages of all 
family members who will be using the season pass.


Season Pass Prices
Type of Pass Resident Discount Resident Regular Non-Resident Discount Non-Resident Regular
6+ Persons $190.00 $210.00 $220.00 $270.00
5 Persons $170.00 $190.00 $205.00 $245.00
4 Persons $150.00 $170.00 $180.00 $205.00
3 Persons $130.00 $150.00 $160.00 $175.00
2 Persons $110.00 $130.00 $140.00 $155.00
1 Person $65.00 $85.00 $95.00 $120.00


Pool Parties:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday evenings only after public hours. Pool closes at dark. A $200.00 damage and cleaning deposit is required to reserve the pool for parties. Deposit is refundable. Prices: 1-20 people (within gate) - $40.00 per hour. Each additional person - $2.25 per hour. Parties including minors (17 & under) require an adult present at all times. Pool capacity is 130. Barbecue grills are available outside the pool area.

Pool Rules

For the health and safety or our guests:
All persons with diarrhea in the past 2 weeks shall not use the pool.
All users must shower with soap to remove all fecal material prior to pool entry and after using the toilet or a diaper change.
All children under 3 years old or who wear a diaper must wear a swim diaper and waterproof swimwear whether trained or not. This is a state law. Diapers may only be changed in restrooms or changing stations.
Keep pool water out of your mouth.
No glass containers of any kind are allowed in the pool area.


Swimming Lessons

Sign up early for swim lessons at the Stansbury Park Swimming Pool! Lessons offered are Red Cross Levels 1 through 6, and a 3-5 year old class.

Pre-registration will be on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in the clubhouse conference room. Only 1 session can be signed up for at a time. When a child passes their level, we will move them up to the next level. Also, during pre-registration, you will only be allowed to sign up your own children. Regular registration will start May 28 during pool hours. Happy swimming!This should help alleviate the long lines.

Session Prices: $35.00 per child and consists of 9 consecutive 45 minute lessons.
Dates and Times: Lessons are held on weekday mornings at 9:00 am, 10:00 am, and 11:00 am.

2016 Swim Lesson Sessions
Session Dates and Classes
Session 1 June 6-16
Session 2 June 20-30
Session 3 July 5-15
Session 4 July 18-28
Session 5 August 1-11

Swim lessons follow the recommended levels of the Red Cross.

Level 1 Water Exploration

Objective: Help students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely.  Students will learn elementary water skills which they can build on as they progress through the various levels.

  • Become oriented to aquatic environment.
  • Fully submerge face (3 seconds).
  • Experience buoyancy (bob 10 times).
  • Supported float on front/back.
  • Basic breath control (bubble blowing).
  • Enter and exit water independently.
  • Move through water comfortably.
  • Supported kicking on front/back.
  • Introduction to alternating arm action.
  • Familiarize with getting help.
  • Reaching assists without equipment.
  • Learn how to release a cramp.
  • Wear life jacket and enter shallow water.

Level 2 Primary Skills

Objective: Give students success with fundamental skills and learn to float without support. Learn basic self-help rescue skills.

  • Fully submerge head (hold 3 seconds).
  • Retrieve objects in chest deep water.
  • Orientation to deep water with support.
  • Front and back float unsupported.
  • Unsupported back float or glide (5 sec.).
  • Leveling off from a vertical position.
  • Rhythmic breathing (bob 10 times).
  • Step-in entry and side exit.
  • Flutter kick on front/back.
  • Back crawl arm action.Combined stroke front/back using kick/arm movements (5 yards).
  • Turning over front/back, back/front.
  • Become familiar with rescue breathing.
  • Perform reaching & extension assist from deck.
  • Float in life jacket (1 min, face out of water).
  • Assist non-swimmers to feet.

Level 3 Stroke Readiness

Objective: Students learn to coordinate front and back crawl. Introduce elementary backstroke and the fundamentals of treading water.

  • Retrieve object, eye open, no support.
  • Bob and submerge head completely.
  • Bob in water slightly over head to travel to safe area.
  • Jump into deep water from side of pool.
  • Kneeling dive and compact dive from side of pool.
  • Front/Back glide w/ push off (2 body lengths).
  • Coordinate arm stroke for crawl with breathing to side.
  • Coordinate back crawl.
  • Elementary back stroke (10 yards).
  • Reverse direction while swimming on front/back.
  • Tread water.
  • Jump into deep water wearing life jacket.
  • Learn how to open airway for rescue breathing.
  • H.E.L.P. position (1 minute).
  • Huddle position in groups of 3 (1 min.).

Level 4 Stroke Development

Objective: Develop confidence in strokes learned thus far and to improve other aquatic skills. Introduce breaststroke, sidestroke and wall turns.

  • Deep water bobbing.
  • Experiment with buoyancy and floating position.
  • Rotary breathing.
  • Stride dive from side of pool from a standing position.
  • Elementary backstroke (10 yards).
  • Sculling on back (5 yards).
  • Front/back crawl (25 yards).
  • Basics of Breaststroke (10 yards).
  • Basics of Sidestroke (10 yards).
  • Turning at the wall 11.
  • Tread water with modified scissors and rotary kicks.
  • Learn rescue breathing techniques.
  • Become familiar with CPR.

Level 5 Stroke Refinement

Objective: Coordination and refinement of key strokes. Introduce the butterfly, open turns, feet-first surface dives.  Increase swim distances.

  • Alternate breathing.
  • Stride jump entry.
  • Beginning diving progression.
  • Long shallow dive.
  • Breaststroke (10 yards).
  • Sidestroke (10 yards).
  • Underwater swimming (3 body lengths).
  • Elementary backstroke (15 yards).
  • Butterfly Dolphin Kick (10 yards).
  • Front/back crawl (50 yards).
  • Open turn on front/back.
  • Recognition of spinal injury.
  • Hip/shoulder support.
  • Feet first surface dive.
  • Tread water (2 min., 2 different strokes).

Level 6 Skill Proficiency

Objective: Polish strokes so students swim with more ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances.

  • Approach and hurdle.
  • Jump tuck diving.
  • Front/back crawl (100 yards one turn minimum at wall).
  • Breaststroke (25 yards).
  • Sidestroke (25 yards).
  • Butterfly (10 yards).
  • Approach stroke (25 yards).
  • Breaststroke turn.
  • Sidestroke turn.
  • Speed turn and pull-out for breaststroke.
  • Flip turn for front crawl.
  • Pike/tuck surface dive.
  • Alternate kicks for treading water (3 min., 1 minute - no hands).
  • Throwing rescue 15-Roll spinal injury victim.